Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Elliot's Borough, The Hemingway Victoria Park


Last weekend long walk down to Borough market.
Stopped at Elliot's for Lunch.
A cheery busy bistro - laid back, staff familiar.

Ordered baked squash, squid, salmon salad, fries, oysters,

Oysters were good, but then we were in Borough market so expected them to be and right next to Wright Bros too.

Squid was super delicious - smoky & perfectly cooked.

Some kerfuffle at another table and a lot of people staring at a baked squash served in 2 halves before it got sent back to the kitchen their squash was replaced then out came ours - but it was just 1 half - we asked about it and it seemed the chef deemed half sufficient for us but having been on the business end of a kitchen cockup or two in my youth and although I always think the best of people one couldn't help but suspect a slight bit of legerdemain which left a tart bitterness in the mouth especially when its almost 15 notes for this now half-squash. 

This bitterness meant the salmon salad sort of passed by unnoticed though it looked pretty & the stringy fries looked great but I felt like a dog hoovering pick-up-sticks tryin to work out how to eat them.

Concluded should've bought some oysters in the market and carried on perhaps to Maltby St. to have a look.


Sunday was a roast at the Hemingway Victoria Park Road.
Comfortable, good beer, papers - all good end of the weekend stuff
Roasts & Salmon all round.

Totally delicious - lots of other people seemed to think so too as the place was rammed
Finished with pudding - pinapple & apple crumble with crumble of coconut and coconut ice cream- not 100% convinced this classic needed meddling with.

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