Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Late September

As the last of summer burned itself out in a few days of amber mornings and hot evenings I took a trip down to the coast with a friend and her dog. After attempting to vandalise some of the work of the Folkestone triennial we were chased out of town and across the Kent lanes to Whitstable. A lucky cancellation at Wheelers had me take a table booking the night before. Self satisfaction was enhanced by the couple next to us talking about a 3 month waiting list.

It's still bring your own from the offy across the road. A cold bottle of pouilly fume, some of the seasons first native oysters and charming tea room style service from teenagers (no sarcasm) gives it an unfussy charm. I ate scallops to start; four juicy molluscs cooked with an incredibly sticky, almost unctuous parmisan ravioli, (more like a delicious, unfinished roux- however unappetising that sounds) and slithers of pig cheek, salty, juicy and properly porky. Another bottle of chablis, a lobster and a dressed crab were downed before wandering onto the beach for a couple of whiskys in the fading light and sea wind. An end to make you feel that your want for summer has been sated and the promise of a proper, auburn Autumn has whetted the whistle for October to begin.

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