Monday, 5 September 2011

Queens of Seafood

East London Line spat us out at Canada Water's Tesco. Quick supermarket sweep with the Persian, picked up some wine and got mini-cabbed into Bermondsey past fishy signs for the Queens of Cue'Seafood Feast. Their awesome artist loft location was the one corner of surrey canal street with squint and its NY meatpacking district going for it.

Glass of ice tea & gin then onto the bbq terrace where the evening started. Ruth had the barbecue going as we tucked into maple syrup cashews, the Queens' own smoked salmon & smoked mackerel tasty stuff with the salmon infused with orange - mmmm mmmmmmm.

Under cheery bunting with sun going down and loads of new people to meet all was good in the hood.

Next were platters of crayfish sourced from Crayfish Bob fresh & some with the added roe suprise like getting the good toy in a kinder. Alongside the seafood our table was also full of good chat and a lot of laughs.

I tucked into my Razor Clams buttery garlicy Monkfish, Bream with Samphire and vegetable potjiekos and smiled with each new flavour & texture.

A bit more chat drenched in b.y.o then some BBQed minty pineapple before our Carrageen, Salted Caramel & "sand" pudding pot - loved the carageen!

Coffee, finished the wine and people seemed in good spirits as we all made our way from the Queens of Cue.

Then at the station the weirdest part of the night - a woman with a lavender plant swinging between her legs dressed in black cocktail dress reebok classics and driving gloves tried giving us the plant before snatching it back each time whilst singing shirley bassy numbers - surrealy great end to a great night.

Queens of Cue's next supper club is a Game (Venision not Quiz) night:

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