Thursday, 11 August 2011


St Catalina Mercato

Jazzy had to take a trip to Mallorca for a wedding. Arrived tired and hungry, wandered into the old town looking for a restaurant (Fabrica 23). It's closed down (allegedly for being a front for drug money- allegedly). Found myself next to the main market which has two lunch time eateries. One looks a bit smelly and as a result only has smelly cab drivers hanging around it. The other consists of a bar front teeming with people, 4 tiny tables behind this for Spanish tourists, and then a tiny open kitchen to the left. The latin Johnny Depp look a like throws out some insanely simple stuff from his macro work top and stove. I managed to try over two very full sittings the following: roast chicken with patas bravas, a delightfully simple salad nicoise with just tuna, egg and some gorgeous leaves, the creamiest and herbiest meat balls I've tasted in a thick tomatoe pasata and a paella which consisted of very good stock, very fresh peas and equally alive squid (almost got a bit Old Boy- - JOKES). Very strong coffee and buttery, floppy apricot tart to finish with.

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