Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Big Pham of Sushi

I've been a fan of Whitecross St. food market for last couple of years - vegi burritos from the muraled Luardos van, piles of salad with extra feta & foccacia from Serpil Erce's salad stall and so on but never been into Pham's until now.

About 8pm on saturday it was fairly busy and we were sat at the sushi bar. Staff were immediately personable and attentive. We eschewed Japanese beer in favour of a cold white.

We ordered a LOT of food and it arrived in perfect intervals.
(please excuse bad iphone pics)

First up was mixed sashimi - it was so incredibly melt-in-the-mouth and so fresh looking and tasteing - almost jewel like.

Next to arrive was for me the highlight of the meal. "Scallop Sashimi With Creamy Spicy Sauce" - this was amazing!  Served in the shell with said spicy sauce - not 100% sure what was in it - think a touch of mayo in there. The scallop and sauce was  topped with roe & sesame seedsthat exploded like popping candy in your mouth it just tasted so good. 

Our neighbour at the sushi bar then shared some of his rock shrimp as we tucked into our next dish: deep fried squid tentacles with this dipping sauce sauce that had this curious cola syrup caramel hint to it.

Sushi rolls followed, samourai & dragon - again delicious - so much more flavoursome than a lot of sushi joints with carefully balanced textures and tastes.

It was delicious, fun and service was great.

Supper for two with a glass of wine each was about £45.

They are on Whitecross St, EC1

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