Monday, 3 October 2011

A Mexican in America

New Yoik

Lot to catch up on. First up is La Esquina in New York, on Lafayette. Eat downstairs if you can (you need to book) or you can grab handfuls of gravy soaked tacos and sit in the park across the road, realise you haven't ordered enough and go back for more again and again and again.

There's also a nice room round to the side- in total I ate here 3 times in 2 days. The cheesy/ spicy corn is excellent as is pretty much everything else. Some watermelon juice helps to counter the food exhaustion and jet lag that I brought to the table.

Stayed at the Americano- will be a great hotel when it's created some atmosphere of it's own in a year or two. Despite being the first day they'd served it, breakfast was excellent. Refried beans and eggs. So good I forgot to take a photo until I'd polished it off. Big fan of the coffee pots and tea towels.
Oh and also had a few spare minutes to introduce Matt to the joys of Katzs one lunch time. Also massively snooze inducing. When Harry Met Sally (with it's most famous scene shot over a pastrami sandwich in this very joint) was the only decent film on the way back- I had a little cry over my microwaved, plane mac n cheese.

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