Monday, 17 October 2011

Mackerel with Curly Kale

Back to a favourite: Mackerel - this time with with Curly Kale.
This was drafted in as a quick sunday lunch.
One mackerel per person is loads if the mackerel are big.

1x Mackerel per person
Curly Kale - 2 handfull per person
3 Cooked Beetroot
2% Greek Yoghurt
Truffle Balsamic
Hot Horseradish Sauce - should probably be fresh horseradish but...
Fine Polenta to dip the fish in.
Served With Brown Rice

This was sort of thrown together after a sweep round the supermarket.

Get the rice on first 25mins - last 10mins with teatowel to steam.
Next mixed the chopped beets with yoghurt & horseradish - blended then seasoned.
Next clean and prep the mackerel in the polenta & pepper.
Kale in with water for 10mins
Almost dry fry the broccoli with honey and truffle balsamic.
Mackerel just need a few mins each side - and polenta once cooked off gives it a lovely crunch.

It was delicious!

Then it was the persian's turn to cook pudding: a banana strawberry crumble with Heston's salted Caramel ice cream.


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