Monday, 10 October 2011


A vaporetto in, a couple of absurd meals, hot weather and a wander around the cemetry. The funniest meal being a Sunday dinner by the water at the Cipriani- an old American man in a suit he was boiling to death in made his only conversation of the meal with wifey- "that girl is wearing jeans!" in reference to my dining partner. I got a filthy look from the waiter for wearing no socks with my brogues (gimme-a-break) but the gazpacho with set cream on top and rabbit risotto were superlative.

Best meal, some cichetti, a walnut pasta and a plate of fried fish washed down with gallons of spritz- my favourite place in venice yet I have never once written down the name...

Smuggled back a kilo of various funghi from Rialto market and made the best mushrooms on toast, topped with slithering of melted parmigianno (another kilo of that imported as well) on my return. No pringles for me thanks Ryanair.

10AM campari on a jetty.

Good rope. Custard donut still slightly warm and an amazing espresso.

Chiodini and farfelli! Oh for living in the Italian hills and foraging for these with my pet pig Bruno. The fat market man wrapped them in brown paper and threw in some generous stalks of parlsley. Back in England even the best mushrooms on toast in the world look a bit like vomit. I was heart broken to find my single porcini had rotten after a day. Should've cut it and dried it. Bugger.

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